university students should be optional
          University students should be optional
The ideas from the universities are much more and more. But most of the ideas are always make some problems. One of them is about having class. Some people think that university students should be required to attend class, and others think that going to classes should be optional for students.
Optional! What a scared word it is, the optional not only expresses the students have enough skilled and knowledge but also expresses the students like to study more. At the same time, it’s symbolize the students have enough self-control to study. On the other hand, it’s undoubtedly true that the students have to take their class seriously. So, in my opinion, university students should be optional to attend class. There are some reasons to follow my view.
First of all, the students will be supervised when the university is required .Most of the students are older than 18 years old. 18 years old is symbolized many things. One of them is the development of their mind are almost ripe when they are studying at university. So they have enough possessiveness to make them go to the classes study. And they have to study how to distribute the time at the same time, because it is benefit to them both studying now and work in the future. They should study how to make a plan which is distribute their time.
Second is about the free-time. The university students not only need the time to study but also they need time to do many things what out of studying. For example, find jobs. The university students have to find jobs to them. Because the students who has just graduated from the university. The university gets more students than last years, the system of the companies are not reasonable, the students who just graduated from the university has no enough skills and experience etc., there are too many reasons to prevent the students get jobs.
Third, is about the sentiment. The university students have to take care of the sentiments. Because it is the last chance that they live with their classmates. The reason why they have to deal the friendly sentiment with their classmates is because the classmates probably are the most valuable resources to let them start an enterprise or find jobs. And the university is the home of the loves. More than 70 percent students are finding the first love from the university. So they have to pay more times to look after to their boy or girl friends. The relationships will be very important to them in the future. They have to distribute the time on their own.
Forth, is about the studying, some of the university students are good at studying with teachers. Some of them are not. The university should gives them a chance to choose the best way for them study, they can make a choice by themselves. Studying in the class or studying in the self study room either library. Other more, perhaps some contents of the class that the students have study by themselves before. They can not to follow the teachers but to study other things. And there are many creatures made from the universities students, some of them may not interest in the contents which write on the books. But they are always interest in the handmade. They can make some creatures which they want. Because the university students are always find some friends who are in the same camp. At the same time, it is the most imaginative decade in the life of us. So, the students can use the time when they have classes but the contents they have studied.
Fifth, is about the hobbies. The students still has many hobbies in the university. They will have no enough time even no time to do them. So they should spend more time on their hobbies but not only on the study.
In conclusion, the university students should be optional. Because they have to take care too many things include studying, sentiment and hobbies. There are too many thing that the university student have to spend time on it. So the university students need get free time.
So that’s all the points why I think the university students should be optional in the university. And I hope I can get into a university which is optional or I get into a university which will be optional.

live in a big city
                           Live in big city
      Some people prefer to live in a small town, while others prefer to live in a big city. If I were asked to choose whether live either in a small town or in a big city, I think living in a small town better is than living in a big city. There are follow few reasons to prove my point is good.
      First of all, there are variable of burdens on our shoulder who living in the big city. For example, the students who live in the big cities should do lots of homeworks whether on weekend or not. In particularly, AP center’s students are more tired than the students who will have the university entrance examination in China. Because we should not only study the ap class to take care of the GPA but also we should find lots of activities to accumulate our experiments experience. At the same time, we should study the history of America to avoiding the awkward situation appears what the American say A, but we understand it is B. Until November of next year ,we should prepare for the essay to apply for the universities. Though there are many kinds of night life, like the bars (which you can drink the bears with your friends).But there is another kind of cost and burden to your life. Though there are many kinds of mobile games. But the mobile games are easy to be addicted or tired. So there are fewer and fewer things that you can do in the big cities. Studying and working are the whole assignments for us who live in the big cities each day.
      Second is the polluted problem. It is a big problem to us who lived in the big city is pollution. From some incomplete statistics, there are more than 40000 rubbishes would be fueled in the cities, the rubbishes which can not be fueled are be landfilled or be toppled. There are more than 30000 tons rubbishes would be toppled over the rivers or lakes in China each moth. How amazing data it is! And the rubbishes which be fueled are became the toxic gas. Some of the toxic gas leads to the acid rain. Perhaps the American can not trust this data, but this is the present situation of china’s big city. Besides the rubbishes fueled, the industry factory, the carbon dioxide which creates from automobile exhaust. As the toxic gas carbon dioxide adding, the environments are polluted terrible. We can smell the rubbish odor only. If we live in a small town, we will smell the fresh air, and we can drink the clear water from the nature spring. We can feel the nature flavor each day.
      Third is about the traffic. It’s really a tricky problem for the people who live in the big city. There are too many cars in the cities nowadays. Because of the cars are too much, they are bringing too much new problems to the people who live in the big city. The first one is working, from an internet survey, there are more than 70 percent people have to get up earlier and earlier than the time when they are a kid for working on time. And they would be back too late because there are too many cars driving on the road when they come off work. And more than 50 percent people get different kinds of ailments because of the automobile exhaust. The serious of the problems are brought from the too many cars.
      Forth is about the landscape .The people who live in the small town can see the beautiful landscape all days., the green mountains what you can see whole of the trees are covered it, you can see the mountains which are not real in the big cities, clear water what you can see the fishes are swimming under the water, the birds are so happy on the trees, and many kinds of wild animals even rare animals that you can see if you lived in a small town. And the people who live in a small town probably more pure than the people who live a big city.     
I prefer to live in a small town, because I think it is better than live in a big city .Though I still live in a big city ,but I hope the big city’s environment will be as beautiful as the small town. I hope the pollution in the big city will be lesser and lesser than before.

the time machine
   After Wells wrote down the time machine which novel won universal praise to him. Time machine, what can let the time go before or move towards the future. Even change the times anytime in anywhere. The topic of the time traveling is popular until nowadays. Is it impossible to make a time machine in real world?
I am one of the time machine’s readers.  I have a dream for a long time that is I hope I can see a time machine before I dead. And I believe that is possible to make a time machine. Because there is a possible experiment which people has made. It is a experiment which about the supersonic speed. First, people put a recorder on a supersonic aircraft. And then give an order to the pilot is about one, two, three, clear for taking off. When the commander said two, he touched the bottom and recorded the sound of three and clear for taking off.  After the plane back to the airport, the workers took the recorder off the plane and checked the records. The worker checked the record between the commander and the pilot,  people amazed that they can hear the sound of one and two. It’s a pretty classic example can provide the time can be back. So I believe the time can go back.
There are two kinds of thought that I trust it is true. The first one is I think though the time can be back. And you can change the process of the history, but you can’t change the result of the history. The second one is I think the time can turn back. But we can only see the situation of the time when we has turned back. Easy to say is we can see what happens at that time. But we can not touch the things. That’s two kinds of thought which I believe.
My achievement is very good when I was a primary student. And I was good at playing the piano, playing the chess and painting. During today, I am accomplishing nothing. I can’t play a complete tune, and I can’t win the chess players who are younger and younger than me. I can not draw any beautiful painting! So I want to make the time machine to change the history. I want to back to my junior life and hardworking everyday. Not only try my best to study but also to do my hobbies best. And I want my parents see that I get some achievements before they old.  That’s the reason why I the time machine is the intension which I want to see in my lifetime.
Probably I will not see the time machine in my lifetime, but I will try my best to make my life. And I hope I can see a time machine even create a time machine in my life.  

the hardest thing i have ever done
                                          The hardest thing I have ever done
        The hardest thing I have ever done was 1500 meters running what I joined last year. I joined in the sports meeting games in our school. Because this was a kind of honor what I stood for our class to joined the games. So I signed up the 1500 meters running.
This is really a hard thing to run 1500 meters in the whole school students’ nose. Because you perhaps show your shameful conduct to the students who you know. If you are the last one crossed the finish line, they will get a new talking topic to make a fun from you. And this is pretty tired too, you should spend all of your power and energy to finish the races. After you finish the races, you will feel tired and glorious.
I have joined the 1500 meters running last year. This is the complete processes in the match: before I stood on the starting line. I was standing with my friends, we made a communication with each others. We exchanged the experience of the running. We were feeling relaxed and happy. Next, the sports teachers counted our names. After that, we were ready on the playground. I didn’t know what should I do, what should I think, the brain was a blank. I only felt very nervous and anxious at that time. When I stood on the start line, I felt relaxed and quiet hitherto unknown. It seems I can see everybody’s impression clearly. After the starter's pistol fired, I started the hardest thing I have ever done. At the first race, I tried my best keep my ranking on the No. 4, I was keeping my speed and closely following the No.3. We kept the same ranking after the second race. And I felt tired and nervous suddenly. Because I didn’t have any experiment of 1500 meters running before this time. I didn’t know what speed should I keep, and should I still follow the No.3 or speed up to exceed them. After simplified thought, I got my views. Kept my rank before I finished the second race.  But at that time, I was really tired, I was completely by the will to ran. I was slow down, and I can’t keep my speed. Finally, I lost my rank. And I involved into despair. My body was out of control, and my brain was blank again. I finished my races at last. Though I got a bad result I felt good enough. Because I had finished the hardest thing I have ever done.
From the 1500 meters running I knew that if we keep our speed in our life though we are tired enough, we will get a satisfying or not regret result. This was the hardest thing I have ever done ,what is yours?

Myphone is coming
Before we enter the topic, Mr. Editor has two questions want you think. First, is your mobile an intelligent mobile phone? Second, are you satisfied to your mobile? If your mobile is not an intelligent mobile. If you are not satisfied to your mobile. The Myphone will be the best choice to you.
This is a new kind of concept of mobile phone will launch in Shenzhen recently. This kind of mobile is made by the company named Angcall. It’s looks like a wrist watch, you can wear it on your wrist and just use it like the ipod nano. At the same time, this mobile is waterproof and deformable. You can use it when you want to swim in the swimming pool, to catch the time ,to play the games, to phone anyone. You can use the voice control system to let it becomes a real phone. As big as Iphone4S, touch screen, only two touches in the Myphone. (And absolutely your English must be standard.) The Myphone has a special characteristic is that the appearance It is transparent when the day is sunshine, if the day is overcast and rainy, you can see the raindrops drop down from the top of the screen continuously.
When you want to watch movies, you can use Myphone too, it is high definition. You can search the movies which want from the internet, it’s very fast. Because it’s use the 5th Generation. It’s triple fast as the 4th Generation. You can find everything what you want from the Internet. Except the 5th Generation, a new search function is another highlight. You can search everything that you want from the whole world’s website( Including the small website). The searching is stronger and stronger than google.
I think twitter is fall behind now. Because Angcall popularizes a new social program. You can photo that what are you doing and where are you living after a voice from you. And you can build a household belongs to you in the program. You can do everything what you want but you can’t in the real life. And if you offend against the law, you will be caught into the prison too. And to feel the feeling if you are in the prison.
Myphone is a revelation product, it’s create a new era..
Like it? Buy it!
                                                                                                             Editor: David

The evil associates and good friends
Mike Allen is a person who born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He likes eating the delicacies from land and sea. And you can see he wears the Levi’s jeans, Chanel clothes with different designs everyday. And he likes the patek philippe watches very much, you can see he wears one on his right hand. The Ferrari is his favorite cars, whole parking garage belongs to him are parking  all the kinds of Ferrari. He has a bad temper and he is fastuous. So he has a pretty bad reputation in his friends. Because he has lots of money, so he gets a lot of evil associates. In his own conceit that he gets a lot of friends who is heartfelt to him.
One day, he gets a party in his castle, there are lots of his evil associates join in it. Except the evil associates, and there are lots of neighbor maybe even Mike doesn’t know them. There are only one of his friend whose name is David join it. David is his friend who grows up together with him. They have long and close emotion. David is very bitterly disappointed to his friend. ‘How could  he be so spending money! There are lots of person he doesn’t know, and he joined them to enter this party. He can properly to donate the money. I can’t understand his behavior along with we grow up. I think I have to do my duty to give him some suggestions. Or he will involve in the vanity and the evil associates kiss his ass’s vortex.’ David thinks. Then David finds Mike and takes a seat with Mike. Next, David tells Mike his opinion. Mike says, ’ opps, my friend, you are pretty imaginative. They are my friends, they are not the person who likes you said. They are not the evil associates!’ David has no ideas to dissuade Mike. David gets himself drunk after the talking. Mike still play with his friends. Few moment later ,Mike goes to the bathroom ,but he have never be back. Nobody attentions that Mike disappears except David ,he calls the Mike’ s evil associates to find Mike together with him. All of them are says they have no time. David looks for whole castle every place., but the castle is too large that he can’t look for Mike immediately. He tries his best to find Mike until his spirit and strength totally used up. While he is sitting down and taking a break, he hears the yelp from Mike. ’Help, help’ David following the sounds and finds out Mike. ‘Oh, gosh, why you are here.’ when David sees Mike is hanging out of the window he says. And then ,David saves Mike and Mike tells David that he see his watch is out of the window, and he want to pick it back ,but unfortunately the window is dilapidated, so it breaks . And he hanging out of the window until David saves him. Mike is pretty appreciate to David ,and he promises David that he will never invite the evil associates to join in his party. Because there are nobody pays attention to him when he disappears. 

How to make chocolates
Chocolate is the most popular snakes nowadays, and I like it very much. So I have tried to make some chocolates by myself. Now, I’m going to tell you all the steps that I make the chocolate.
Step1:First you should prepare the material to make chocolate. Cocoa butter(you can buy it from the Carrefour, the best of cocoa butter is the brand which named Cioco Delice what from Italia, but it must be too expensive), cocoa powder(you can buy it from the Carrefour too, the lump of the cocoa powder is better than the powdery of cocoa powder), some nuts, some pine nut kernel, some bottles of milk, a microwave oven, some bowls, and some molds.
Step 2:After all the preparations. We should start to make the chocolate now. First we should remove the nuts peels, tile the nuts which has been remove the peels under the bottom of the microwave oven. Turn the fire becomes big fire, and bakes the nuts 3 to 5 minutes. Second, put some water into a steamer, and heating the water. Next put the big bowl on the steamer. Third put the cocoa powder, cocoa butter and some suger in a bowl, and mixing them until they become pasty. Forth, put the nuts which has been heating into the paste, and mix the mixture with some milk until it becomes pasty again. Then wait the mixture natural cooling. Fifth, put the mixture into the refrigerator, and take it out after 5 minutes. Melting it. And you can put some spice or jam now.
Step 3:You have finished the chocolates which made by yourself, and you can give as a present to your parents, your best friends or your lovers.
That’s all the steps that if you want to make a chocolate, OK, let’s enjoy the time when we make the chocolates.

Allen Iverson
Everyone has an admired person,the same as me.I have my admired person.
He was the shortest of the first pick of the NBA draft.He was a spirit when he played basketball.He's nickname is The Answer.Allen Iverson,a man who can't forget maybe forever.
In 1975,he was born in a parent family,grow up in poverty.He was always wander in the street when the contemporary study in the classroom.But he got a style belongs to him from his childhood.It's a style what he would never abandon during the match ends.This kind of style are always effect his parents too.They become brave,active and never abandon during the ends. You can see they still hard to working if the Answer was in the playground.
He was been picked on June 26 1996 by a team of NBA named Sixers.Then Sixers entered the glorious period.They became the regulars of the playoffs.And they met the team which named Lakers in the final in the semester of 2000 to 2001.They became a new strong team in NBA.The semester of 2006 to 2008.Iverson was exchanged to the Nuggets.He cooperated with Anthony to create two successful semesters.But at last,he left the Nuggets for a variety of reasons.He still to lived like a vagrant.He was exchanged to the Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies.Finally,he back to the Sixers.Nowadays,he is playing basketball in Turkey.
Besides Iverson goods at playing basketball.He is also love his daughters and parents very much.In 2010,his daughter was ill,high fever is not retreated.Because of it.He missed several matches and all stars game.The management layer of Sixers decided to fired him.Several days later,he was fired.At the same time,his wife decided to divorce to him.His life drops into trough.
His stories much more than I write.There are some well-known sayings are still effected many youths.For example,  no matter what , just do not give up .Always believe that your dream can come true & just keep working for what you want to achieve.  I was influenced in this sentences.When I want to give up what I don't really want to do,but I must do.This sentence will encourage me.
That's all of the thing what I know about Allen Iverson, I hope you can be his fans after read this passage.

(no subject)
September  25,2011
Dear my friends,
I'm so glad to talk with you about the differences between Chinese and American in customs.Because there are too many differences between them.
Firstly,is about the food.Chinese people are like eating rice ,noodles,or dunmplings.There are all made of flour.American people like eating the steaks,chips,or hamburgers.They are all have meat.So,we can get conclusion from the eating is Chinese like the food what are  made of flour,they all are low calorie foods.American like the food what are high calorie.Secondly,is about the dinning tools,the Chinese are use the chopsticks and American are use the fork and knife.This is because of their eating customs.
No doubt,there are some differences between Chinese and American in education.For some examples,chinese students have to count out all the mathmatic by themselves,out of calculators,and we must remember all the formulas.But American students can use the calculators when you have an exam,and they can get a page what writes full of the formulas.And the Chinese students have to wear the unified clothes,but American students can wear the different clothes to school. 
Forthly,there are some differences between Chinese and American in watching too.There are too less TV program that American can't watch,and most of  the TV station are private ownership,the American has the right to freedom of speech in the TV program,you can report everything what you want to report.But in China,the TV station are all belong to the country,there are no TV program belongs to the private.There are lots of program that we can't watch.
Abusolutely,we can see the differences in the life,that's a difference I was heard from a talk show.It's about the differences between the Chinese children and American children quarrel with their parents.When the American students children quarrel with their parents ,they can throw their hands up and hysteria shout.And they can shout every bad words what they know.At last,in most cases,their parents will say sorry to them.But that's not the case in China.If a Chinese children throw their hands up and hysteria shout.Maybe his death will be miserable.
There are all the differences what I can think,do you agree with them?I hope you can back your thought to me.

Spring Festival

Spring Festival is  a special Chinese holiday ,it's the New Year in China

People are all happy this day,because they will have the family reunion dinner.What a wonderful feeling with family and have a dinner.There are some dishes people have to eat every year.For example,fish,it's a dish which sympolize having more than need every year.In the family reunion dinner,you can't break anything,because it's sympolize you will get less money than last year.But if unfortunately you break something.You have to say peace all year round. Noddles are dish what the olds  must to eat,it's means ,the olds can have a long life and happy life.Except those 3 dishes,sweet dumplings is the dish which we can't forget .It's means people will have a reunion.

And also the children can get the lucky money in this day that symbolize the children can  be lucky and will be happy and healthy every day next year.
In the Spring Festival,people should stick a couple of Spring Festival couplets,they believe the Spring Festival couplets can bring the lucky to the members of the family .In the downtown,people are always stick the door-gods' painting on the portal.They believe the painting will protect the families whole year.
It's a traditional activity named to set off firecrackers, this activity is from a fable
Long times ago,there was a kind of monster named NIAN,And they came to the civilian's house eat everything,no doubt,including the men!People were afraid of them.One day,a neighborhood's bamboo house was fired,the loudly sound was frighting the NIAN.People who was hiden on the floor had knew this secret.After this case,people created the firecrackers.And set off firecrackers when the NIAN came to the village.So this tradition stretched until nowadays.

I hope people will have a nice Spring Festival next year and happy every day!


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