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September  25,2011
Dear my friends,
I'm so glad to talk with you about the differences between Chinese and American in customs.Because there are too many differences between them.
Firstly,is about the food.Chinese people are like eating rice ,noodles,or dunmplings.There are all made of flour.American people like eating the steaks,chips,or hamburgers.They are all have meat.So,we can get conclusion from the eating is Chinese like the food what are  made of flour,they all are low calorie foods.American like the food what are high calorie.Secondly,is about the dinning tools,the Chinese are use the chopsticks and American are use the fork and knife.This is because of their eating customs.
No doubt,there are some differences between Chinese and American in education.For some examples,chinese students have to count out all the mathmatic by themselves,out of calculators,and we must remember all the formulas.But American students can use the calculators when you have an exam,and they can get a page what writes full of the formulas.And the Chinese students have to wear the unified clothes,but American students can wear the different clothes to school. 
Forthly,there are some differences between Chinese and American in watching too.There are too less TV program that American can't watch,and most of  the TV station are private ownership,the American has the right to freedom of speech in the TV program,you can report everything what you want to report.But in China,the TV station are all belong to the country,there are no TV program belongs to the private.There are lots of program that we can't watch.
Abusolutely,we can see the differences in the life,that's a difference I was heard from a talk show.It's about the differences between the Chinese children and American children quarrel with their parents.When the American students children quarrel with their parents ,they can throw their hands up and hysteria shout.And they can shout every bad words what they know.At last,in most cases,their parents will say sorry to them.But that's not the case in China.If a Chinese children throw their hands up and hysteria shout.Maybe his death will be miserable.
There are all the differences what I can think,do you agree with them?I hope you can back your thought to me.

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