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Allen Iverson
Everyone has an admired person,the same as me.I have my admired person.
He was the shortest of the first pick of the NBA draft.He was a spirit when he played basketball.He's nickname is The Answer.Allen Iverson,a man who can't forget maybe forever.
In 1975,he was born in a parent family,grow up in poverty.He was always wander in the street when the contemporary study in the classroom.But he got a style belongs to him from his childhood.It's a style what he would never abandon during the match ends.This kind of style are always effect his parents too.They become brave,active and never abandon during the ends. You can see they still hard to working if the Answer was in the playground.
He was been picked on June 26 1996 by a team of NBA named Sixers.Then Sixers entered the glorious period.They became the regulars of the playoffs.And they met the team which named Lakers in the final in the semester of 2000 to 2001.They became a new strong team in NBA.The semester of 2006 to 2008.Iverson was exchanged to the Nuggets.He cooperated with Anthony to create two successful semesters.But at last,he left the Nuggets for a variety of reasons.He still to lived like a vagrant.He was exchanged to the Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies.Finally,he back to the Sixers.Nowadays,he is playing basketball in Turkey.
Besides Iverson goods at playing basketball.He is also love his daughters and parents very much.In 2010,his daughter was ill,high fever is not retreated.Because of it.He missed several matches and all stars game.The management layer of Sixers decided to fired him.Several days later,he was fired.At the same time,his wife decided to divorce to him.His life drops into trough.
His stories much more than I write.There are some well-known sayings are still effected many youths.For example,  no matter what , just do not give up .Always believe that your dream can come true & just keep working for what you want to achieve.  I was influenced in this sentences.When I want to give up what I don't really want to do,but I must do.This sentence will encourage me.
That's all of the thing what I know about Allen Iverson, I hope you can be his fans after read this passage.

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