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How to make chocolates
Chocolate is the most popular snakes nowadays, and I like it very much. So I have tried to make some chocolates by myself. Now, I’m going to tell you all the steps that I make the chocolate.
Step1:First you should prepare the material to make chocolate. Cocoa butter(you can buy it from the Carrefour, the best of cocoa butter is the brand which named Cioco Delice what from Italia, but it must be too expensive), cocoa powder(you can buy it from the Carrefour too, the lump of the cocoa powder is better than the powdery of cocoa powder), some nuts, some pine nut kernel, some bottles of milk, a microwave oven, some bowls, and some molds.
Step 2:After all the preparations. We should start to make the chocolate now. First we should remove the nuts peels, tile the nuts which has been remove the peels under the bottom of the microwave oven. Turn the fire becomes big fire, and bakes the nuts 3 to 5 minutes. Second, put some water into a steamer, and heating the water. Next put the big bowl on the steamer. Third put the cocoa powder, cocoa butter and some suger in a bowl, and mixing them until they become pasty. Forth, put the nuts which has been heating into the paste, and mix the mixture with some milk until it becomes pasty again. Then wait the mixture natural cooling. Fifth, put the mixture into the refrigerator, and take it out after 5 minutes. Melting it. And you can put some spice or jam now.
Step 3:You have finished the chocolates which made by yourself, and you can give as a present to your parents, your best friends or your lovers.
That’s all the steps that if you want to make a chocolate, OK, let’s enjoy the time when we make the chocolates.

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I think you meant 'snacks' not 'snakes.' :)

Good Job! 5/5 pts

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