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Myphone is coming
Before we enter the topic, Mr. Editor has two questions want you think. First, is your mobile an intelligent mobile phone? Second, are you satisfied to your mobile? If your mobile is not an intelligent mobile. If you are not satisfied to your mobile. The Myphone will be the best choice to you.
This is a new kind of concept of mobile phone will launch in Shenzhen recently. This kind of mobile is made by the company named Angcall. It’s looks like a wrist watch, you can wear it on your wrist and just use it like the ipod nano. At the same time, this mobile is waterproof and deformable. You can use it when you want to swim in the swimming pool, to catch the time ,to play the games, to phone anyone. You can use the voice control system to let it becomes a real phone. As big as Iphone4S, touch screen, only two touches in the Myphone. (And absolutely your English must be standard.) The Myphone has a special characteristic is that the appearance It is transparent when the day is sunshine, if the day is overcast and rainy, you can see the raindrops drop down from the top of the screen continuously.
When you want to watch movies, you can use Myphone too, it is high definition. You can search the movies which want from the internet, it’s very fast. Because it’s use the 5th Generation. It’s triple fast as the 4th Generation. You can find everything what you want from the Internet. Except the 5th Generation, a new search function is another highlight. You can search everything that you want from the whole world’s website( Including the small website). The searching is stronger and stronger than google.
I think twitter is fall behind now. Because Angcall popularizes a new social program. You can photo that what are you doing and where are you living after a voice from you. And you can build a household belongs to you in the program. You can do everything what you want but you can’t in the real life. And if you offend against the law, you will be caught into the prison too. And to feel the feeling if you are in the prison.
Myphone is a revelation product, it’s create a new era..
Like it? Buy it!
                                                                                                             Editor: David

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Very cool new product! I want one!

I also want you to meet the word minimum! 380 words = 3/5 pts

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