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the hardest thing i have ever done
                                          The hardest thing I have ever done
        The hardest thing I have ever done was 1500 meters running what I joined last year. I joined in the sports meeting games in our school. Because this was a kind of honor what I stood for our class to joined the games. So I signed up the 1500 meters running.
This is really a hard thing to run 1500 meters in the whole school students’ nose. Because you perhaps show your shameful conduct to the students who you know. If you are the last one crossed the finish line, they will get a new talking topic to make a fun from you. And this is pretty tired too, you should spend all of your power and energy to finish the races. After you finish the races, you will feel tired and glorious.
I have joined the 1500 meters running last year. This is the complete processes in the match: before I stood on the starting line. I was standing with my friends, we made a communication with each others. We exchanged the experience of the running. We were feeling relaxed and happy. Next, the sports teachers counted our names. After that, we were ready on the playground. I didn’t know what should I do, what should I think, the brain was a blank. I only felt very nervous and anxious at that time. When I stood on the start line, I felt relaxed and quiet hitherto unknown. It seems I can see everybody’s impression clearly. After the starter's pistol fired, I started the hardest thing I have ever done. At the first race, I tried my best keep my ranking on the No. 4, I was keeping my speed and closely following the No.3. We kept the same ranking after the second race. And I felt tired and nervous suddenly. Because I didn’t have any experiment of 1500 meters running before this time. I didn’t know what speed should I keep, and should I still follow the No.3 or speed up to exceed them. After simplified thought, I got my views. Kept my rank before I finished the second race.  But at that time, I was really tired, I was completely by the will to ran. I was slow down, and I can’t keep my speed. Finally, I lost my rank. And I involved into despair. My body was out of control, and my brain was blank again. I finished my races at last. Though I got a bad result I felt good enough. Because I had finished the hardest thing I have ever done.
From the 1500 meters running I knew that if we keep our speed in our life though we are tired enough, we will get a satisfying or not regret result. This was the hardest thing I have ever done ,what is yours?

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Wow. Running is a difficult sport. You have to really practice a lot to be good.

Good for you! Why so short? Only 440 words = 4/5 pts

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