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the time machine
   After Wells wrote down the time machine which novel won universal praise to him. Time machine, what can let the time go before or move towards the future. Even change the times anytime in anywhere. The topic of the time traveling is popular until nowadays. Is it impossible to make a time machine in real world?
I am one of the time machine’s readers.  I have a dream for a long time that is I hope I can see a time machine before I dead. And I believe that is possible to make a time machine. Because there is a possible experiment which people has made. It is a experiment which about the supersonic speed. First, people put a recorder on a supersonic aircraft. And then give an order to the pilot is about one, two, three, clear for taking off. When the commander said two, he touched the bottom and recorded the sound of three and clear for taking off.  After the plane back to the airport, the workers took the recorder off the plane and checked the records. The worker checked the record between the commander and the pilot,  people amazed that they can hear the sound of one and two. It’s a pretty classic example can provide the time can be back. So I believe the time can go back.
There are two kinds of thought that I trust it is true. The first one is I think though the time can be back. And you can change the process of the history, but you can’t change the result of the history. The second one is I think the time can turn back. But we can only see the situation of the time when we has turned back. Easy to say is we can see what happens at that time. But we can not touch the things. That’s two kinds of thought which I believe.
My achievement is very good when I was a primary student. And I was good at playing the piano, playing the chess and painting. During today, I am accomplishing nothing. I can’t play a complete tune, and I can’t win the chess players who are younger and younger than me. I can not draw any beautiful painting! So I want to make the time machine to change the history. I want to back to my junior life and hardworking everyday. Not only try my best to study but also to do my hobbies best. And I want my parents see that I get some achievements before they old.  That’s the reason why I the time machine is the intension which I want to see in my lifetime.
Probably I will not see the time machine in my lifetime, but I will try my best to make my life. And I hope I can see a time machine even create a time machine in my life.  

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I also want a time machine. The first thing I would do is go back in time to see the dinosaurs.

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