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live in a big city
                           Live in big city
      Some people prefer to live in a small town, while others prefer to live in a big city. If I were asked to choose whether live either in a small town or in a big city, I think living in a small town better is than living in a big city. There are follow few reasons to prove my point is good.
      First of all, there are variable of burdens on our shoulder who living in the big city. For example, the students who live in the big cities should do lots of homeworks whether on weekend or not. In particularly, AP center’s students are more tired than the students who will have the university entrance examination in China. Because we should not only study the ap class to take care of the GPA but also we should find lots of activities to accumulate our experiments experience. At the same time, we should study the history of America to avoiding the awkward situation appears what the American say A, but we understand it is B. Until November of next year ,we should prepare for the essay to apply for the universities. Though there are many kinds of night life, like the bars (which you can drink the bears with your friends).But there is another kind of cost and burden to your life. Though there are many kinds of mobile games. But the mobile games are easy to be addicted or tired. So there are fewer and fewer things that you can do in the big cities. Studying and working are the whole assignments for us who live in the big cities each day.
      Second is the polluted problem. It is a big problem to us who lived in the big city is pollution. From some incomplete statistics, there are more than 40000 rubbishes would be fueled in the cities, the rubbishes which can not be fueled are be landfilled or be toppled. There are more than 30000 tons rubbishes would be toppled over the rivers or lakes in China each moth. How amazing data it is! And the rubbishes which be fueled are became the toxic gas. Some of the toxic gas leads to the acid rain. Perhaps the American can not trust this data, but this is the present situation of china’s big city. Besides the rubbishes fueled, the industry factory, the carbon dioxide which creates from automobile exhaust. As the toxic gas carbon dioxide adding, the environments are polluted terrible. We can smell the rubbish odor only. If we live in a small town, we will smell the fresh air, and we can drink the clear water from the nature spring. We can feel the nature flavor each day.
      Third is about the traffic. It’s really a tricky problem for the people who live in the big city. There are too many cars in the cities nowadays. Because of the cars are too much, they are bringing too much new problems to the people who live in the big city. The first one is working, from an internet survey, there are more than 70 percent people have to get up earlier and earlier than the time when they are a kid for working on time. And they would be back too late because there are too many cars driving on the road when they come off work. And more than 50 percent people get different kinds of ailments because of the automobile exhaust. The serious of the problems are brought from the too many cars.
      Forth is about the landscape .The people who live in the small town can see the beautiful landscape all days., the green mountains what you can see whole of the trees are covered it, you can see the mountains which are not real in the big cities, clear water what you can see the fishes are swimming under the water, the birds are so happy on the trees, and many kinds of wild animals even rare animals that you can see if you lived in a small town. And the people who live in a small town probably more pure than the people who live a big city.     
I prefer to live in a small town, because I think it is better than live in a big city .Though I still live in a big city ,but I hope the big city’s environment will be as beautiful as the small town. I hope the pollution in the big city will be lesser and lesser than before.

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Excellent job of presenting your position and great use of transitions.

You stuck to one position and had excellent details to back it up!

5/5 pts

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