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university students should be optional
          University students should be optional
The ideas from the universities are much more and more. But most of the ideas are always make some problems. One of them is about having class. Some people think that university students should be required to attend class, and others think that going to classes should be optional for students.
Optional! What a scared word it is, the optional not only expresses the students have enough skilled and knowledge but also expresses the students like to study more. At the same time, it’s symbolize the students have enough self-control to study. On the other hand, it’s undoubtedly true that the students have to take their class seriously. So, in my opinion, university students should be optional to attend class. There are some reasons to follow my view.
First of all, the students will be supervised when the university is required .Most of the students are older than 18 years old. 18 years old is symbolized many things. One of them is the development of their mind are almost ripe when they are studying at university. So they have enough possessiveness to make them go to the classes study. And they have to study how to distribute the time at the same time, because it is benefit to them both studying now and work in the future. They should study how to make a plan which is distribute their time.
Second is about the free-time. The university students not only need the time to study but also they need time to do many things what out of studying. For example, find jobs. The university students have to find jobs to them. Because the students who has just graduated from the university. The university gets more students than last years, the system of the companies are not reasonable, the students who just graduated from the university has no enough skills and experience etc., there are too many reasons to prevent the students get jobs.
Third, is about the sentiment. The university students have to take care of the sentiments. Because it is the last chance that they live with their classmates. The reason why they have to deal the friendly sentiment with their classmates is because the classmates probably are the most valuable resources to let them start an enterprise or find jobs. And the university is the home of the loves. More than 70 percent students are finding the first love from the university. So they have to pay more times to look after to their boy or girl friends. The relationships will be very important to them in the future. They have to distribute the time on their own.
Forth, is about the studying, some of the university students are good at studying with teachers. Some of them are not. The university should gives them a chance to choose the best way for them study, they can make a choice by themselves. Studying in the class or studying in the self study room either library. Other more, perhaps some contents of the class that the students have study by themselves before. They can not to follow the teachers but to study other things. And there are many creatures made from the universities students, some of them may not interest in the contents which write on the books. But they are always interest in the handmade. They can make some creatures which they want. Because the university students are always find some friends who are in the same camp. At the same time, it is the most imaginative decade in the life of us. So, the students can use the time when they have classes but the contents they have studied.
Fifth, is about the hobbies. The students still has many hobbies in the university. They will have no enough time even no time to do them. So they should spend more time on their hobbies but not only on the study.
In conclusion, the university students should be optional. Because they have to take care too many things include studying, sentiment and hobbies. There are too many thing that the university student have to spend time on it. So the university students need get free time.
So that’s all the points why I think the university students should be optional in the university. And I hope I can get into a university which is optional or I get into a university which will be optional.

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Good structure with this opinion essay. You gave good support to your position but you could use a little work on the transitions. Try to expand beyond "first, second, third, forth." Try options like "in addition, furthermore, what's more."

Remember to indent the first line of each new paragraph (hit the TAB key once) to help the reader understand when you are moving to a new point.

5/5 pts

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