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Spring Festival

Spring Festival is  a special Chinese holiday ,it's the New Year in China

People are all happy this day,because they will have the family reunion dinner.What a wonderful feeling with family and have a dinner.There are some dishes people have to eat every year.For example,fish,it's a dish which sympolize having more than need every year.In the family reunion dinner,you can't break anything,because it's sympolize you will get less money than last year.But if unfortunately you break something.You have to say peace all year round. Noddles are dish what the olds  must to eat,it's means ,the olds can have a long life and happy life.Except those 3 dishes,sweet dumplings is the dish which we can't forget .It's means people will have a reunion.

And also the children can get the lucky money in this day that symbolize the children can  be lucky and will be happy and healthy every day next year.
In the Spring Festival,people should stick a couple of Spring Festival couplets,they believe the Spring Festival couplets can bring the lucky to the members of the family .In the downtown,people are always stick the door-gods' painting on the portal.They believe the painting will protect the families whole year.
It's a traditional activity named to set off firecrackers, this activity is from a fable
Long times ago,there was a kind of monster named NIAN,And they came to the civilian's house eat everything,no doubt,including the men!People were afraid of them.One day,a neighborhood's bamboo house was fired,the loudly sound was frighting the NIAN.People who was hiden on the floor had knew this secret.After this case,people created the firecrackers.And set off firecrackers when the NIAN came to the village.So this tradition stretched until nowadays.

I hope people will have a nice Spring Festival next year and happy every day!

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I love 'lucky money'!!

Good Job! 5/5 pts

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